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Our Group History - 2000

20 February 2000
District outing to La Perouse for World Scout Day.

26-27 February 2000
Cubs attend Pack camp to Narabeen Lakes.

17-19 March 2000
Cubs attend District camp to Port Stephens.

20-21 May 2000
Senior Cubs attend Yellow Cord camp at Camp Coutts, Waterfall.

10-12 June 2000
Region Gathering at Cataract, Cubs enter billy cart races.

30 July 2000
Cubs hike to aboriginal carvings at Lucas Heights.

12-13 August 2000
Cub Pack camp to Camp Koloona, Nowra.

27 August 2000
Joey Mob attends Obstacle Day at Camp Coutts, Waterfall.

11 September 2000
Cubs outing to Sutherland to see Olympic Torch relay.

7-8 October 2000
Cubs attend Pack canoe camp at Grays Point.

21-22 October 2000
Cubs and Scouts attend Boree Regatta at Cronulla.

15 December 2000
Bilby leaves Joey Mob and moves to Scout Troop.


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