Our Group History - 2006

This year is the 20th anniversary of our Scout Group and the 90th anniversary of Cub Scouting.

The page header above was added to our Group home page in early 2006 to reflect our 20th anniversary year.

23 February 2006
New members boost our youth count to 100 and we have 16 Leaders.

24-26 February 2006
Venturers camp at Nords Wharf, Lake Macquarie.

24-26 February 2006 - Scout Troop camp to Camp Coutts at Waterfall.

Ice cold creek.

Rope bridge over creek.

Duty Patrol on cooking.

Duty Patrol on wash-up.

4-5 March 2006
Cub Pack camp to Bents Basin.

5 March 2006
Scout Troop cleans up Ross Reserve for Clean Up Australia Day.

24 March 2006
Scout Troop visits the Menai Rural Fire Service station.

31 March - 1 April 2006
Scout Troop camp to Geroa and Seven Mile Beach.

Rafting down the creek in the rain on Saturday morning.

Surf's up.

8 April 2006 - Senior Cubs attend leadership course.

8 April 2006
We celebrate our Group's twentieth anniversary with a big party.   [more details...]  


14-17 April 2006
Venturers attend Dragon Skin over the Easter weekend in the Vulcan State Forest near Oberon.

Team 91 receive a Bronze award.

Team 121 - "The Hasselhoff Experience".

Team 92.

6 May 2006
First Queen's Scout award presented to a member of our Group.

11 May 2006 - Mums join in a fun Cub Pack program for Mother's Day.

12 May 2006 - Mums join in a fun Joey Mob program for Mother's Day.

12 May 2006 - GAV visits the Scout Troop in his bright pink uniform shirt for the Kandersteg International Scout Center in Switzerland where he is working.

13 May 2006
Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and kangaroos participate in a JOTT hike in the Badens Creek valley and sausage sizzle after at ANSTO.    [more details...]  

1 June 2006 - Cubs go to the Rocknasium.

2 June 2006 - Joeys get dressed-up in their favourite sporting gear for a Sports Night.

9-12 June 2006 - Scout Troop camp to Cataract Scout Park.

One of our new patrol tents beside the dinning fly.

Indoor rock climbing wall.

Cooking pancakes for breakfast.

The Troop on an afternoon hike.

Keeping warm around the campfire.

Inside the Chappell.

11 June 2006 - Joeys try abseiling during a visit to the Region Camp at Camp Coutts.

22 June 2006 - Cub Pack outing to the Royal National Park.

26 June 2006
The Kangaroos double in size with the investiture of four new members and a new Leader.

4-6 July 2006
Scouts participate in the NSW Branch Rally at Cataract Scout Park on a cold, wet weekend. This was our Troops first attendance at the State Scout Rally and we entered two Patrols each with five Scouts. 

It is a light-weight camping event where the Scouts have to carry everything that they need for the weekend.

28 July 2006 - Scouts enjoy a Night Hike through the Still Creek valley.

30 July 2006
Scouts participated in National Tree Day by joining a Bushcare activity at Jannali.

18 August 2006 - A rare Blue Cord presentation in the Scout Troop, plus investitures.

27 August 2006 - Joey Fun Day at Taronga Zoo.

31 August 2006 - Fathers join a fun Cub Pack program for Father's Day.

1 September 2006 - Fathers join in a fun Joey Mob program for Father's Day.

14 September 2006 - Cubs go on a discovery hike.

15 September 2006
Senior Cubs get an introduction to Scouts with some challenging activities.

21 September 2006
First Grey Wolf award presented to a Bangor Cub Scout.

22-24 September 2006 - Scout Troop camp to Bonnie Vale. Warm sunny days, cool nights, a great beach-front camp site and a great bunch of Scouts made for a good weekend camp.

Are we sinking in that back corner?

29 September 2006
Scouts introduction to the Jamboree Troop with hike to Woronora bridge and sausage sizzle back at our Scout hall for all Scouts in AJ2007 Troop 281.

10-12 October 2006
Scouts hike for Green Cord along the coast track in the Royal National Park.

21-22 October 2006
Cub Scouts attend Boree Regatta at Cronulla and are the Champion Cub Pack again.

Trophies (shown below) won by the Cubs include:


26 October 2006
Cubs enjoy a Spook Night fancy dress party and bring-a-friend night.

4-5 November 2006 - Jamboree preparation camp at Glenfield for Scouts.

10 November 2006 - Joeys get wet at a water party.

10 November 2006 - Scout Leader GAV visits during a brief return to Australia and wears his Scottish uniform.

11 November 2006
Fundraising at Bunnings BBQ.

16 November 2006
Cubs go fishing in the Woronora River.

17 November 2006
Scout Troop visits the SES base at Heathcote to learn how an emergency services base operates.

25-26 November 2006
After saving their money for a long time the Cubs Scouts enjoyed an exciting weekend of adventurous activities at Challenge Ranch, a Catholic Church outdoor education centre located near Gosford. Activities include abseiling, archery, flying fox, rope courses, rock climbing, canoeing, water slide and dam swing. The 5m and 20m climbing tower was amazing and the high ropes were awesome.

1 December 2006 - Joeys explore volcanic activity in Bangor.

2 December 2006
The Group Christmas party was fun with a sausage sizzle, games, carols and skits.

Pictures - The Cub Pack singing carols; Egil puts Angus through a 'Thank God You're Here' skit; and the Scout Troop has fun in another TGYH skit.

4 December 2006
Kangaroos enjoy an outing to Wareena Gardens aged care facility where they sang Christmas carols, performed a play and handed out Christmas presents.

7 December 2006
Cub Pack visit to Wareena Gardens aged care facility.

9-10 December 2006 - Joeys enjoy Slamboree, an overnight activity at the Superdome.

14 December 2006
The Cub Pack enjoys an end-of-year Christmas party with some fun activities like two rope bridges, a cargo net and milk crate climbing.

15 December 2006 - Christmas party for Joey Mob send Joeys climbing up the wall.

15 December 2006
Scout Troop enjoys an end-of-year Christmas outing to golf driving range.


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