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2008 TERM 1

18/Jan/08 - News from Gav in Kolding, Denmark.

For those who may not know, Gavin Norman (Gav) is a very highly regarded Scout Leader who took a leave of absence in July 2005 to pursue an adventure of a life time exploring Scouting around the world.
Gav contacted us on 18/Jan to say he is still working at Houens Odde, an international Scout centre in Denmark. His job involves running Scout camps and adventurous activities and he also works in the kitchen and performs maintenance tasks. After being there for 1 year and 3 months he is now the longest serving international volunteer at the centre. He will be preparing for the Danish Jamboree soon. Unfortunately for us he hasn't made any plans to return home yet.

10/Feb/08 - Extreme FUN at the Scout Water Activities Centre.    [more...]

16/Feb/08 - Cubs and Scouts enjoy 'Slamboree' at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre to watch the final game of the NBL season with Sydney Razorbacks vs Melbourne Tigers. There were plenty of pre game activities, including the climbing wall.

24/Feb/08 - Bangor Scout Group attends the Yaroona District swimming carnival.    [more...]

1/Mar/08 - Thanks to those families who helped make the fund raising BBQ at Bunnings Bankstown a success for our Group.  

3/Mar/08 - Venturers and Rovers go ice blocking on the Flinders Slopes.

The group.

The ice.
The riders.

The carnage.


8-9/Mar/08 - Group Family camp at Mt Kirra.    [more...]

Rain forest hike.

30/Mar/08 - A very successful fund raising BBQ at Bunnings Taren Point. Thanks to all those families who gave their time to help raise funds.

3/Apr/08 - GAV has contacted us again to say he has moved. He is now working at a Scout camp named Naesbycenter, an international Danish Scout centre, located in the middle of the Zealand region, between the towns of Soroe and Naestved. It is 27 acres in size and is a beautiful landscape with streams, a large lake, cleared areas for camping and a forested hilly area for activities. He says he will be running camps and activities for Scout Groups from around the Copenhagen area. What a life! Follow this URL -Naesbycenter - to see the camp.

4/Apr/08 - Our Group celebrates our 22nd anniversary with a big party and an exciting presentation by stunt woman Holly Thompson.

Above - Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers with our birthday cake; and below - stunt demonstrations.

10/Apr/08 - Cubs celebrate the end of term by cooking up some delicious treats. Thanks to the Scouts who ran a campfire cooking base for the Cubs; those sausages baked over hot coals tasted great.

11/Apr/08 - Scouts celebrate the end of term with a hike through the Still Creek valley, ending at McDonalds for supper.

12/Apr/08 - Belinda receives her Scout Medallion award at Government House.    [more...]

Family celebration for a top Scout.

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