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   20/Dec/13  - Scouts finished the year with a MasterChef and visit from Santa.
   [We all got our photo taken with Santa]
   16/Dec/13 - To celebrate the festive season, the Venturers took to Bua Thai for a formal dinner and Kris Kringle. 
   [Check out our excitement]

   29/Nov/13  - With the introduction of Digital TV, we took to some analogue tellies to see what made them tick.  We also checked out the inside of a whipper snipper in our de-construction night.
   [What a mess we made]
   25/Nov/13 - Venturers had a night of Jelly Wrestling with Lucas Heights whilst investing Phillip into the Unit.  Welcome to the Unit Phillip.  Phillip owned the Jelly ring for a while but soon we had some very competitive matches Bangor -V- Lucas Heights.  Thanks for visiting Lucas!
 [Check us out in the Jelly]

 [Photos of Phillip's welcome]
   18/Nov/13 - Venturers did not want to be left out.  They gave Bottle Feeding a go.  Some are a little to used to bottle feeding others.
 [Check out our skills]

   15 /Nov/13  - Alfords Point Menai joined us for a night of fun feeding each other with bottles and making camp cooking stoves from Pepsi Cans.  Not sure that we want to have coke from Baby Bottles again.
   [Check us out being fed]
   8-10 /Nov/13 - Bangor Scout Group visited Bents Basin Camp site for our Annual Group Family Camp.  Everyone who attended the weekend ad a Great time.
   [Check out the Photos
   2-3 /Nov/13  - 5 Scouts set off to complete their Blue Journey from Audley to Waterfall via Heathcote.  Well Done on a great walk and looking after each other.  Thanks to Angus, Daniel and Jack for shadowing the crew and assisting with photo snaps.  Bring on some Green Hikes in early 2014
   [Pictures of our Walk]
   [Tim's Log Book]
   [James's Log Book]
   [Thomas's Log Book]
   [Owain's Log Book
   18-20 /Oct/13  - Scouts spent the weekend at Bonna Point Reserve at Kurnell competing in the Boree Regatta.  This is a weekend of both Girl Guides and Scouts who participate in water and land activities in a fun and adventurous way.  We won the Gunnamatta Trophy with our raft construction and race winning times.
   [Check us out on the Raft]
   5-7 /Oct/13  - Scouts made a trip to Wee Jasper Reserves for a weekend of Caving.  By the end of the weekend we all knew that caves have an ambient temperature of between 14 - 16 degrees.  Thanks Blake :-)
   [Look at us in the caves]
   20/Sep/13  - Scouts visited FlipOut World at Penrith for a night full of bounce on a massive indoor trampoline universe that was all about jumping high and landing soft and safe.  We had an awesome sky high time.
   [Check out the bounce]
   7-8/Sep/13  - Scouts took a bunch of Cubs away camping to Camp Coutts for the weekend.  We taught the Cubs how to put up Tents, make big fires, cook in camp ovens, swim in the water hole and hike to the Bubble Caves.
   [Look at our adventures]
   30/Aug/13  - Getting into the spirit of Fathers Day, we spent the night doing some Wood Working and creating a handy desk organiser.
   [Look at our handmanship]
   26/Aug/13 - Venturers said good bye to a friend and tried to sole a mystery....  A Murder Mystery...
   [See our good bye to Meg]

   23/Aug/13  - Scouts were visited by a Reptile Handler and got the opportunity to see and touch some reptiles.  Check out some scared Scouts photos.  A great night for all.
   [Check out our faces]
   19/Aug/13 - Venturers try their best at Karaoke.  A form of interactive entertainment where our amateur singers (Venturers) sing along with recorded music and a music video.  They thought they were contenders for Australia's got talent, but the judges think they have a long way to go!
 [Look at the photos]

   12/Aug/13 - Venturers had a go at Meals on Wheels.  Armed with sausages, bacon, steaks and eggs to cook they grabbed a wheelbarrow, hot  plate and some sticks to make a fire.  Lets just say only some of the food was ok for eating.  A great night pushing the barrows around the park with fire in them trying to cook dinner.
 [Check out the photos]

   2/Aug/13 - 4/Aug/13 - Scouts attended the NSW State Scout Rally and placed 23rd and 95th in the state.  Well done to our 2 patrols and their PL's Owain and James.  Thanks to the Venturers for coming and running an activity base for the weekend.
   [Check out the scores]
   [Look at our photos]
    27/Jul/13 - Cubs put on a Christmas in July dinner feast for the group.  It was attended by all sections and their friends.  All funds raised on the night will support the Cubs attending the Cuboree in January.  Thank You to everyone who attended and supported the night with donations for prizes etc.
  [Photos from the night]


   27/Jul/13 - Venturers visit the Blue Mountains and Scenic World to invest Cameron, Dale, Kai and Rebekah.  Welcome to the Unit.
   [See our photos

   22/Jul/13 - Venturers get dressed up for some work in the Den and a night of Nintendo 64 games.
   [See our photos

   15/Jul/13 - Venturers have a go at Tie Dyeing
    We took some new and some old white shirts and turned them into something of a rainbow masterpiece.
   [See our photos

   7/Jun/13 -10/Jun/13 - Scouts and Venturers attend the South Metropolitan Region Camp at Camp Coutts.  Scouts spent a lot of time     doing activities and Venturers spent a lot of time running activities and assisting on traffic duties.  The Cubs and Joeys came to visit on the Sunday.  A great weekend was had by all!
   31/May/13 - Scouts spend the night in the Sydney CBD looking at the lights and sounds of Vivid Sydney.
   [Our Photos
   [Watch Owain's Video Presentation]
   26/May/13 - Bangor Scout Group holds its Annual Presentation Day and presents the Annual Report.
   [Read our Annual Report
   24/May/13 - Scouts complete their Emergency Services visit at Woronora River Rural Fire Station.  Thanks to the crew for letting us play with the fire hose and jump into the boats.
   [Photos of our Visit
   20/May/13 - Venturers have a go at puppetry.
   [See our photos

   17/May/13 - Scouts welcome Jacob, Lachlan W, Josh L & Patrick into the Troop. A big WELCOME to everyone.
   [Photos of the Ceremony
   10/May/13 - Scouts welcome Josh F into the Troop. A big WELCOME to Josh F
   [Photos of the Ceremony
   10/May/13 - Scouts put their emergency skills into practice with a Mock Emergency designed by Josh F and Tim.  Not everyone made it out alive.
   [Photos of the Night
   24/Apr/13 - 26/Apr/2013 - Scouts and Venturers visit Camp Cottermouth in Canberra for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service.
   [Watch Tim's Video Presentation]  (WARNING: Has Sound)
   [Photos of the Trip
   20/Apr/13 - 22/Apr/2013 - Josh F from Wearne Bay attempted his Green Hike from Berowra Station to Brooklyn via the Great North Walk.  The weather was against him and his patrol and they needed to abort on day 1 (20th April).  There was an injury within the Patrol and the right decision was made to abort.  Thanks to Tim from Bangor, Nathan, Brendan and Cameron from Wearne Bay and Brady from Loftus for assisting Josh with this hike.  We are sure to see you all out there soon giving it another crack..
   [A Journey Log will be available soon] 
   [Photos of the Weekend
   29/Mar/13 - 1/Apr/13 - Venturers compete in the 2013 Dragon Skin at Belanglo State Forest.
   [Read our report
   [Photos of the Weekend
   [Team 149 Map
   [Team 157 Map]
   [Results Sheet]   

   29/Mar/13 - 1/Apr/2013 - Scouts visit Camp Kariong for an Easter Weekend Camp.
   [Read Tim's recount of the weekend
   [Photos of the Weekend
   15/Mar/13 - Scouts welcome Tim into the Troop. A big WELCOME to Tim.
   25/Feb/13 - Venturers go bowling..... Formal Style.
Read our report
TroopO38 17/Feb/13 - Scouts have returned from AJ2013.
[Read about our adventure...]
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